Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just for fun

Most of my spare time is spent writing, so, just for fun, I thought I'd list some of the other things I want to do before I kick the bucket. As I plan to be a supercentenarian, maybe I'll find the time. They are in no particular order, and I'm not a daredevil or a thrill seeker, so most of them are pretty ordinary:

1) Visit Australia
2) See the other wonders of the Medieval and the Modern World. So far, I've seen 1 from the medieval and 2 from the modern.
3) Attend the Olympic games. Maybe in 2012, as they'll be held in London.
4) See my novel(s) become a best seller (okay, that's the only one about writing as this is meant to be about OTHER things)
5) Visit Ireland
6) Move back to England
7) Make doing what I love my career.
8) Take an IQ test to find out if I would qualify for Mensa.
9) Attend a bad taste party, where guests can wear their most hideous outfits
10) Make someone with no sense of humor realize they need one.
11) See a Broadway show
12) Learn CPR
13) Test drive a car I could never afford to buy.

What about you?


  1. Move back to England? Are you pining to go back anytime soon?

  2. Pam, I would love to go back. Miss my family, the things I grew up with, my old school chums, the rainy weather, and Cadbury's. I visit at least once every year.