Saturday, May 15, 2010

After a few crummy days, I've had the most terrific week. Actually, the good news began at the very end of last week with a contract from Echelon Press for No Alibi, my second suspense novel. I met Karen Syed, my publisher, at the Southern California Writer's Conference in San Diego last year for a one-on-one consultation, which resulted in the contract for Madness and Murder, due out July 1. Can't wait to see it on the market, and with the second one coming up right behind. A huge amount of effort went into creating these two books, however, meeting the right publisher at the right time also had a little to do with luck, or so I believe. Thank you, Karen and Echelon Press. I signed up for the September Southern California Writer's Conference in LA - I had such a great time at the last two and met so many fantastic people, I didn't want to miss it. On Wednesday, I enjoyed a great evening with the Wolfwriter's read and critique group, and put to good use the suggestions for my third suspense novel, Hide and Seek. That novel is in the early stages, and I'm still developing the plot, but it's coming along. To round the week off, I got some wonderful news (personal, so I shan't post it here), so all in all it turned out to be a pretty stellar week. Hope everyone else had a good week.

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