Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today's been a great day. Met a friend for lunch, and did a little shopping. Distributed marketing materials for Madness and Murder in San Clemente. Beach-side towns are so friendly and accommodating, I think I'll go back. After lots of research, and a bit of dithering, I ordered my Kindle today,and can't wait to start downloading e-books. Also planned my book launch party for Madness and Murder for July 1st. Making progress feels great. Next up is a trip to one of my favorite places, San Francisco, for more research. Love the San Fran fog and feel and the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the mist. This pic was taken on a trip I took in 2005. This kind of scenery inspires much of my writing. Oh, and I'm also done with chapter five of Hide and Seek, my 3rd mystery suspense.

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