Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something's gotta give

Someone sent me this instant message today: "You need to get another life". I'd actually been out all morning at an event, and left myself logged into my computer. She thought I'd been sitting here online all morning. Not today, my lovely, but usually yes, that's the case! Almost all my free time is spent at the computer; writing, editing, marketing, networking, and reading, not to mention the odd game here and there. I get a lot done, however, there's a lot I don't get done. Who knew weeds grew so quickly? I try to organize my day into time slots - certain times for certain things - but it never works out and I find it too boring. I'd rather just juggle it all at once and see what happens. This afternoon, I planned to write chapter 8 of Hide and Seek, but I'm going to give myself time off instead, away from the computer. And no, I'm not going outside to weed.

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